The Pratt Lab Mission

The Pratt Lab Mission

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Never compromise your safety while performing research of any kind. Always follow standard laboratory safety practices and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). We work with a variety of hazardous chemicals, and it is essential you follow appropriate safety procedures to guarantee the safety of you and others around you. If you are using a piece of equipment for the first time, please come see me for instruction on its use. If you’re unsure about a step we discussed previously, please come clarify with me before proceeding. If you can’t reach me, or receive a definitive answer from someone with experience with the assay you are performing, stop and wait until we talk before continuing.

Never be afraid to ask for help. Research is a team effort, it is necessary and expected that you will request assistance from different members of the lab. Always make your best effort to think through a solution, and then run it by one of us, we’re here to help. Similarly, if another lab member needs assistance and you are available, offer to help.


I expect you to conduct both high quality research as well as research that abides by the highest ethical standards. Compromising or altering data, fabricating results, or plagiarizing writing in any form is unacceptable. You should also abide by good scientific practices, which means keeping a detailed and accurate lab notebook and documenting all experiments with a high level of detail. Science relies on replication, and replication is impossible without accurate records of what was done previously.